Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Puppy Class With #RiddickPup!!

This afternoon was the third puppy class for the 11 week old "A" litter, Riddick's siblings. 
We missed the second class because I had another event to attend but we were back today.
We started out- as usual- sitting in a circle with the pups having to sit quietly in front of their "mom" or "dad"- which obviously takes a while with these little furballs wanting to play with each other- and then we talk to our PDS about how they're progressing with their training.
Riddick is on par with his siblings with everything but the walking on lead. I am very glad he's doing well, and then they went off to do a walking exercise and Riddick and I stayed behind as his constant noise on the lead is very distracting for the other pups, and he doesn't really have to "work" quite as hard as the other pups are expected to do.
When he's better on the lead I'll attempt to do the exercises with them.
By the time we got home Riddick was exhausted!
I am so grateful to SAGA for allowing Riddick to attend with his brothers and sisters, the socialisation is awesome for Riddick as it means he learns how to behave with other dogs and people.
petite pretty Abby and her much bigger brother Aristotle saying hello
brother Aristotle
brother Apollo
sister Abby
brother Askii
Riddick... exhausted by the time we got home!

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