Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rest In Peace Beautiful Diva...

My beautiful Diva... My beautiful beautiful Diva...

For a couple of weeks now she's been eating pretty much normally but she's been listless and I noticed she'd lost some weight. Then she started breathing rapidly like Turk did and I was immediately worried. This is never a good sign and its very tiring for a cat. It made her even more reluctant to move around. Then a couple of days ago I realised she was favouring her right back leg. She's never been big on being touched but I tried to have a look at her leg and didn't find anything. The big paw pad looked a little swollen but I wasn't completely sure... Although some of you may remember Turk having a weird thing with his one front paw pad that the vet's couldn't explain.
I managed to arrange some cash and took her to the vet. I told them Turk's story and they went to work.

The diagnosis and prognosis was dire. FeLV. Lymphoma had caused a growth in her chest which was pressing on her heart and lungs and her liver had begun to battle. The swollen paw pad was indeed infected somehow, but the vet wasn't sure what it was and said it was probably also due to the lymphoma.
We had three options. Start a lengthy chemo treatment, which would mean her having to stay at the vet every week and being uncomfortable and prolonging her life for maybe a couple of months. Or take her home and let the cancer "run its course". Or put her out of her misery today.

I could never let my beautiful Diva live a life of pain and discomfort. I couldn't let any of my animals go through that.

I held her as she went to sleep and then I held her and cried as I said goodbye.

Going home with an empty cat box again just broke my heart.

Always dainty. Never a cuddler. Not even deigning to come when called for treats, madam would sit on the stairs and wait for it to be brought to her. She loved sleeping on a warm body- but on her terms, not those of the body she was sleeping on. She loved chicken and snuggling with her furry house mates.

Beautiful Diva, I will miss you. I do miss you.

Give my love to my Taxi and my Turk and my Grampa Scratchy. Tell them I miss them terribly.


Julia said...

I am so sorry. ((hugs))xxxx

Clairious Miss said...

You did the kindest thing for her and I am so sorry that you had to go through this so close to losing Turk. She was lucky to have you. My heart hurts for you, Angel. xox

Dino said...

I am so sorry it is so hard to loose one of our furry children