Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thirty Four Week Old #SAGApupVolt

My gorgeous puppy weighs 30.3kg this week so his weight remains steady between 30kg and 30,5kg. He has a little under a week to go before he is a full eight months old! I can hardly believe it!
We are once again walking on a regular basis and we both missed it!

Its been really cold this week, and Volt discovered that he can actually get under his duvet if he squirms enough, so I started putting it over him and he LOVES it! I also put the duvet inside his crate for him to sleep on at night and if its really cold in the day he'll go and climb back into his crate if I haven't pulled the duvet out onto the floor.

Volt's current favourite toy- apart from STILL chewing up my one pot plant if he has a chance- is an emopty coffee tin! It makes a dreadful racket on the floor but he has so much fun with it and it lasts much longer than anything else he's played with!

A lazy Volt and Riddick together on the back lawn.

We were at the vet this week to get Volt's upset tummy seen to... Since he came back from his castration we've battled on and off with a squishy tummy. He'll be fine for a couple of days and then its upset for a bit and then fine again and so on. Its not healthy at all. I took him back to BVH (they look after SAGA's pups) and the vet put him on meds to treat his tummy. I now have to give him a tablet twice a day for a few days, and he is on some Eukanuba Intestinal (Puppy) food for a while, which is easier to digest for a dog with an upset tummy. Let me tell you, Volt is quite a pro at spitting out tablets! All the handling training we've done definitely makes it easier to medicate him though as he trusts me if I put my hands in his mouth. And my son showed me a way to give him a tablet that doesn't stress him and we don't have to wrestle!

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