Sunday, June 24, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Twelve Weeks Old

So my pickle- as I call Riddick- is a whole twelve weeks old today!
He weighs 9.4kg which means he's gained a whopping 1.4kg since last week! He is learning really nicely to sit still on the vet's scale too, I was very proud of him this morning.
I had to giggle when I realised that Riddick drags his back toes when he walks just like Volt does!
He's getting much better on the leash and we've had almost no accidents in the house this week! He is also learning to "sit" and "wait" with Volt when I open the door for them to go outside. Its great having Volt to set an example for him.
no one can do "puppy dog eyes" like Riddick!
Just lookit that naughty face! I caught him at the top of the stairs!
And yes, I still let him sleep on the couch. I also let him sleep on our bed. He's quite happy on the floor too.
asking to get up on the couch
He is now eating 120g of Nutriphase Puppy three times a day. I was still half filling his bowl with water to slow him down until Wednesday, but he takes in the water too and ends up with a big, fat, bulging tummy which I found rather disturbing, so we're back to spreading it out on the floor again!
sharing the duvet inside Volt's crate
Twice I have found him on the couch when I didn't put him there, so I think he may be able to get up on his own (it will be harder to keep him corralled if he can) but I have yet to actually see him do it...
so cute...
On Tuesday one of my worst fears was realised when Riddick fell in the pool! I was delivering cupcakes and left the puppies- Volt and Riddick- locked in the house as I don't leave Riddick in the garden unsupervised for more than 5 minutes yet. My maid was home and I asked her to let them out for busies and lock them in the house again if she was planning to leave before I got home. She called me when I was on my way home and said he'd fallen in! I was on the brink of doing a U-turn on the highway and head home but she said he was fine- she pulled him out and he was inside the house again with Volt. When I got home he was still damp and very dirty, so I bathed the mud and dirt off of him and rubbed him dry. He doesn't like bathing NEARLY as much as Volt does!
This is how lazy puppies play!

On Saturday we popped in at my folks' and Riddick had a lovely time playing with a balled up piece of paper whilst Volt played on the grass with my parents' dog Toppy.

I had to take Volt to the vet this past week to get his tummy seen to and took Riddick with me. Of course, this being a new place for Riddick he was VERY loud inside the vet's office. He eventually settled down but it was a real mission having Riddick AND Volt on leashes with me! Wow! Riddick was dewormed while we were there so he wasn't just a visitor. And the vet who saw us remembered looking at Riddick's eyes when he was still a tiny pup.
a sleepy Riddick having a lovely sleepy time cuddle with his "nanna"
Thelma and Louise are slowly warming up to Riddick, I make sure he doesn't pester them too much or eat their food, and I don't leave them alone together. Puppy teeth are sharp and they are very bouncy which gets on old ladies' nerves. Louise is the most chilled with the pup, as she was with Volt, but Thelma is relaxing more and more.