Sunday, June 17, 2012

#SAGApupVolt At 33 Weeks Old

Holding steady at 30.5kg, it seems like Volt has stopped growing for a while... though I personally don't think he's done growing because he's not a year old yet... But we'll see.
He's only eating twice a day, although he would LOVE to be able to join Riddick in his lunch!
puppies patiently waiting for their lunch
I would love to hear anyone else's opinion on this, but I can't get over how much water Volt and Riddick drink! Both of them will get up- in the middle of a nap- to drink water, and then go back to sleep. Between the two of them they go through 4L of water a day with ease! Are Labradors and Golden Retrievers thirsty dogs (both Riddick and Volt are cross breeds)?
Oh and Volt's eye and tummy are 100% again! Thank goodness!
This week Volt and I didn't walk much, and he misses it. We miss it. On Sunday morning we had a really long walk and it took him far too long to settle down because we hadn't been out in several days. These walks are a vital part of a guide-dog pup's training so there is no way I can slack off on them! Puppy Riddick is just going to have to get used to staying home alone for a while every morning whilst Volt and I go out.
When I fetched Riddick from SAGA's kennels, our PDS joked and said she could foresee Volt spending a lot of time in kennels so I could have a break from his and the puppies antics, especially when Riddick hits 16 weeks old... I know they know what they're talking about, but at the moment Volt is indispensable to me right now! Volt keeps Riddick entertained, they sleep together and play together, and Riddick is learning manners from Volt that Volt had to learn on his own!
Volt and Riddick having a mini-me moment
Volt may not be allowed on the furniture, but in this cold Volt has a down duvet that he sleeps on! Last night I actually covered him with it and he didn't move! The duvet moves around the house with us so that Volt has somewhere comfy and warm to lie no matter where we are in the house.

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Gill said...

Each one is precious in their own right, but they look DOUBLY precious together! So, so cute!

Dino said...

you know its funny Boo didn't start drinking much until a few weeks ago, Mac on the other side has been drinking buckets of water. We took her to the vet since she was drinking so much but the tests all came back fine.