Monday, July 25, 2011

Thelma And Louise Got New Jerseys

The black and white jerseys I bought for them last winter have gotten so stretched that they now sit uncomfortably round their "shoulders" or slide right off at night!
We are again expecting some severe cold weather, so today they got new ones, and whilst I was very tempted by grey jerseys with neon orange or pink dots on them, I could not resist the animal print!
Here are pictures of the girls modelling their new jerseys for me while lounging on their inside cushion.

Louise now wears some uber flattering zebra stripes to match her black coat, and Thelma is sporting a very sexy leopard print to compliment her brown fur!


Gina said...

I adore Thelmas smile :)

Anonymous said...

Ag man, that's so cute!! I love how you've chosen colours that suit them!! So cute

Anonymous said...

Grr - anon is Tanya :)