Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On Food, Sleep And Cars #SAGApupVolt

If the scale I am using is accurate, then Volt gained 1.7kg between his 8 and 9 week weigh-in! He was 7.1kg on Sunday at 9 weeks old! He is eating 90g of food 3 times a day and I can already see he's grown in the few weeks he's been with me.

He had his longest car trip to date on the 2nd January and he was an absolute star! It wasn't even in the same car he normally rides in and the 90 minute round trip had him sleeping with his head on my foot in both directions.
We had a day long visit- Volt and I- with some friends of mine and celebrated a birthday with cake and tea. Volt was as good as gold and I was so proud of him! He doesn't beg for whatever anyone is eating, and whilst I suspect that may start later, its not happening yet.

Sleep... Well, for my Glugster and I can kinda equate it with having a baby in the house! My Glugs has never experienced it though, and my son is almost 21 years old so its been a while for me... Volt falls deeply asleep around 10pm, in his crate, and he's awake at 5am! This is awesome considering its a solid 7 hours sleep - its the really early wake-up call that I'm not used to! He then goes outside for "busies", has breakfast and is awake for about an hour before he falls asleep again for at least an hour - at which time I try to get back to sleep right along with him! I don't always manage though... Then he's awake for an hour or  so before falling asleep again around 10am till his lunch time between 12 and 1. He's awake for a couple of hours after lunch before he sleeps again till supper time at 6ish. Then he's awake till 8ish, snoozes on and off for the evening until he falls asleep at 10 again. It might sound like he sleeps a lot, but when he's awake I don't let him out of my sight because there's so much puppies love to do that he's not allowed to do!

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Gill said...

It sounds just like having a baby in the house :-)