Sunday, January 1, 2012

Volt's Favourite Things Right Now #SAGApupVolt

His food! He eats 3 carefully weighed portions of puppy pellets a day (AKA dry food, or kibble) and when he sees his bowl he gets very excited! He has to sit and wait until he is told he may eat.

Wet grass! If he goes outside and the grass is damp from rain or dew, he literally dives into it! He rubs his face in it and buries his nose in it and rolls in it and chews it and just loves it.

Stones! This is something I am working on stopping, but his favourite chew "toy" is a stone that he finds in the garden.

Going for a walk! He bounds along on his leash happy as a clam!

Cool air! When we're in the car, I have to set the vent to blow on my feet so he can have cool air, and his favourite nap spots are doorways where there's a breeze blowing over him.

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Gill said...

I fall a little more in love with him with each post :-)