Sunday, January 8, 2012

Louise Is Epileptic!

My sweet Louise (the black dog) had a seizure on Friday night and thoroughly freaked out my son and his friends as they were all sitting on the patio with Thelma and Louise at their feet.

As soon as I walked outside and saw her lying on her side "running" in the air and foaming at the mouth I knew it was an epileptic fit.
As she stopped twitching she sat up and looked at me- I had gone to sit next to her- but she didn't "see" me, if you know what I mean? She then immediately ran to do her busies and then went looking for water. She was all nervous and wanted to come into the house so I let her and Thelma come in earlier than they usually do and made sure Louise was warm and comfortable.
I called the vet's emergency number and chatted to him, and given that she hasn't been sick in the last few days or weeks, epilepsy is the most likely culprit.
I then also chatted to him about what I'd seen over the last few months and I concluded that she must have had at least 4 seizures that I didn't see happen, I only saw her afterwards. And when I saw her face covered in white foam in November and concluded that she had suddenly come down with kennel cough again- even though I hadn't seen any other symptoms- it must have been soon after a fit. She salivates so much during a seizure that her whole face and neck is sopping wet, and I have seen her with a wet face on a few occasions and not known what caused it.
She hasn't had another seizure, but I will be taking her to the vet as soon as I can so that we can arrange tests and medication for her. The meds should prevent any more seizures.