Friday, January 6, 2012

So What's Different About Raising This Pup? #SAGApupVolt

First of all, I've never had a puppy.
Kittens yes, puppies no.
Thelma and Louise were adopted as adult dogs from Wetnose, and I know how to sort kittens out when it comes to introducing them to a household and such. Cats are also very low maintenance and can be left to their own devices for the most part. You show a kitten where its litter box is and it will use it- simple as that.
Puppies who are going to be pets, can be left to be puppies and a lot of things can be overlooked and "allowed" simply because they're puppies...
But raising Volt as a future guide-dog means he has a whole lot of rules he has to live by.
That we have to live by.
If he were our puppy, and a pet, he would have been schooled and trained, but not nearly as intensely as a guide-dog puppy needs to be. And whilst I get a lot of enjoyment out of training and working with my pets, and I get a kick out of their responding to an instruction correctly, my own pets are not being evaluated by an outsider!
January 10th is our first socialisation class back at SAGA, and in those weekly classes Volt's progress with the training and manners I am supposed to teach him will be carefully monitored. If I don't do a good enough job with him he will be given to someone else to raise!
I am a little nervous about it, and worried that I am not doing enough, or doing it wrong, but only time will tell of course...
You'll hear all about the class too!

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Tanya said...

Good luck for ur first puppy class! I would also be very nervous. That said, after seeing you and Volt a few times in the few weeks you have had him, i think u are doing a great job! Best of luck!

Gill said...

Good luck for your class tomorrow, can't wait to hear all about it. I have no doubt you are doing a great job!