Monday, January 9, 2012

A Volt Update #SAGApupVolt

Volt was 10 weeks old yesterday (Sunday) and we weighed him in at 7.9kg!
He and Louise are getting on quite well, she's even playing with him a little some days. She will allow him to lie next to her if he behaves himself, but Thelma still keeps him away from her.

He is now eating 100g of puppy food three times a day and boy does he love his food! I have actually taken to putting a smaller bowl inside his big bowl which moves around while he eats, forcing him to eat a wee bit slower coz he has to chase his pellets around the bowl. :P We started this because we have had a two instances where he has thrown up all his lunch, but they were a few days apart and my SAGA PDS is not worried about it at this point.
We've only had a couple of accidents in the house in the last week or so, so yay for potty training!
Its also going better and better with the cats! He is learning not to get too close and he has to learn not to chase them under any circumstances.

I am battling a wee bit with the "tuning-in" exercise, where I teach Volt to respond and come to me immediately no matter what he's doing, so I am going to get some help for that.
Just like a human baby, he likes to throw me for a loop just when I think we've worked out some kind of routine! Where he is usually asleep from 10pm to 5am, on Friday night he was still awake at midnight! He still woke up at 5, but he is much more relaxed in his crate now and doesn't start barking to go out as soon as he wakes up. I think he now knows I will wake up and put some clothes on before I let him out to go outside for busies.

We have also started working on climbing the stairs in the house and he's doing quite well. Believe it or not, even climbing stairs requires training for guide-dog pups because they have to be taught to climb them slowly, not go running up or down at breakneck speed!
I was also given a gawjiss "nappy" bag for Volt by someone on Twitter! I mentioned last week that I have so much to carry with me for Volt- leash, treats, toys, fdood, bowls, poop bags, etc- that I will have to get a bag for him, and @Krimpvarkiez replied and said she had a red one with dogs on it that she had made herself, and I could have it for puppy! Isn't it cute!

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cat said...

Oh I love that he has a nappy bag! And such a cool one too.