Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Puppy Class With #SAGApupVolt

Today was puppy class #7 (we missed #6 because of Valentines Day) and we discussed ticks and fleas, grooming, puppy safety, and also had a general feedback session with Lerato (our PDS) about the pups' progress.
As usual, Volt and Vegas were allowed a play session to get rid of some excess energy, and then they were put back on-lead for our meeting.

Volt and Vegas had their 16 week inoculations today too, and were de-wormed. Lerato has learned a trick to get the pups to swallow the foul tasting de-worming tablets without a fight by holding the tablet in her hand with a few yummy yoghurt covered doggy treats! By the time the pups have licked up all the treats the tablets are gone too! Easy peasy! Especially since Vegas is a pro at spitting the tablets out!
Our SAGA PDS actually recommended de-worming the whole family when you have pets!
Lerato then had a look at Volt and Vegas' nails and they both had their back claws trimmed. This was a first for Volt so he was a little squirmy, but he was quite good about it.

Lerato cutting Vegas' back nails
Volt was not at all in a mood to co-operate on our training walk around the kennels today! After a while Lerato took him from me and walked him up and down and round and round, getting him to pay attention to her before she handed him back to me. He was better after that but still full of strawberries compared to his usual behaviour. I thought he'd be far more easy going considering we'd already had a walk this morning.

We went once around the kennel block and then we put Volt and Vegas into a kennel enclosure together- the same kind of kennel in which they will spend time when in training- and went to get stocked up on puppy food. We then went and put the food in our cars and went back to fetch the pups who hadn't even noticed we'd been gone!
A quick note- the pups being able to stay alone and not whine when their humans are out of sight is an important part of training. Volt is quite happy to be on his own so I am happy with that.

When it was time to leave we showed our PDS, Lerato, how the pups are with our cars and I am SO stoked that Volt is quite happy to get in and out without a fight! His legs are now long enough for him to climb into and out of the Navara on his own and I think he likes it too. We still spend a little time in the car every day even if we don't go anywhere, and we have at least one meal in the car every day as well and it has definitely made a difference. He is happy in the car and when its driving, but for a while getting in made him anxious so I am very glad its gotten better. This methodology can work for any dog BTW.
So far, SAGA is quite happy with Volt's progress.

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