Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Puppy Class Number Seven With #SAGApupVolt

Today my camera's batteries were flat, so I didn't have it with me, but I so wish I had! I did get a few cellphone pics...
Volt and Vegas were in class today, and Viking joined us again. We were also joined by someone who could well be Viking's new puppy raiser!
Viking is bigger than Volt and Vegas and he's absolutely beautiful! He's the brother with the slightly longer coat thanks to their lineage being one quarter Golden Retriever, and he's far more vocal than Volt and Vegas are.

Volt and Vegas get Viking on the ground 
Viking and Vegas get Volt on the ground 
We worked very hard in puppy class today. We did lots of walking exercises and climbed stairs, as well as "sit", "down" and "stay". And then using us and our puppies as obstacles we walked in a figure eight weaving pattern and the pups have to walk without looking at or trying to play with each other. Thats a challenge and a half of course, considering they're still so young, but they did very well indeed.
Then we walked to the other end of the grounds and walked the pups through a bit of an obstacle course. One at a time, they had to go over all sorts of things laid out on the grass- around and across car tyres, ladders, wire mesh, corrugated iron, and through oil drum "tunnels". Volt did so well! He wasn't at all phased by any of the obstacles!
Then we took a stroll around the kennel block before ending the day's session.

part of the training kennels
They are very happy with Volt's progress! He is doing so well!
They are not worried about the lump on Volt's shoulder, his siblings have it too so it seems their inoculations went a wee bit skew and into the muscle. The bump will probably take several weeks to disappear but we just need to watch it and make sure it doesn't get worse or become painful.
After puppy class, I quickly stopped at a baking supply store where Volt is always welcome and he got some attention whilst I got stocked up on icing sugar and such, and then we went across the road to an off-lead doggy park. Volt was very tired so he didn't take off, but he had some water and we strolled around a bit and then we headed home.
As usual when we work so hard he slept the whole afternoon after he had an early lunch.

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