Friday, February 3, 2012

My #SAGApupVolt Is So Cute!

And yes, I know I have to remind myself every day that he's not "mine" or "ours", but how can you not love such a smart pup! If I could I would have him in my bed every morning for puppy cuddles and kisses!
If I sit down on the floor, he's right there with me for a snuggle!
Volt loves his crate, and he has actually started putting himself to bed at night! At about 10pm he goes off to his crate, often using his stuffed puppy as a pillow, and goes to sleep! He's sleeping till about 5h30 now, but much later than that he starts asking to go outside.
chilling in his crate
I am also letting him spend more and more time outside on his own. He has these 500ml plastic Coke bottles that he loves to chew on, and occasionally I will let him go upstairs with me whilst I get dressed so that we can work a staircase training session into our day. Like any dog, he has to be okay with being alone at home for any length of time, so now that he, Thelma and Louise seem to be getting on so well I leave him outside unsupervised, just peeping every now and then to see what he's up to. He and the girls don't play, and Thelma will still growl if he gets too close for her liking, but I am no longer worried that he will be attacked by either of them. I think his socialising with other dogs has also helped because he is immediately submissive when he goes onto another dog's property and he behaves better around Thelma and Louise than he did at first.
chewing on a plastic bottle
On Monday, we had our first walk in the street with Volt wearing his puppy-in-training vest. Thelma and Louise went with us 'coz they love to go for a walk and they're pretty well behaved on lead, but we'll be doing most of our strolls alone. The first couple of cars to come towards us had him a little bit jumpy, but I made him sit and watch as each one went by and after three or four cars he was fine. We didn't go far, and he had a lot of fun.
Thelma (brown) and Louise (black) from my view point
And of course now I am getting more exercise too!

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Oh he is just so adorable.