Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#SAGApupVolt Takes A Bath

Part of the training I have to do with Volt is called "handling". Its a short session in which I check Volt's ears, feet, skin, claws, teeth and so on whilst he sits calmly between my knees, and it forms part of preparing Volt for regular and hassle free handling by a vet in future.
This afternoon during our "handling" session, I found two fleas on him!!!
I suppose it was bound to happen with Volt now spending time with more and more other dogs... but I LOATHE fleas!
Its the one thing you will battle to get rid of if you get them in your house and so far I have managed to keep my house flea free. I immediately sprayed an anti-flea spray on all the dog's bedding and left it out in the sun to dry nicely, and because I didn't have any Frontline flea drops which I normally use on my furbabies, I decided to bath Volt to get rid of his fleas.
I took him upstairs to my knucklehead's bathroom 'coz the bath in my bathroom is a big one and I didn't want him to think he was in some kind of doggy pool! He stood up against the bath watching the water pour in, and I took that as a promising sign. Thelma and Louise don't like bathing at all and I didn't know how Volt would react.
When I picked him up and put him into the warm water he lay down almost immediately and quite happily relaxed whilst I poured water over his back and neck! I used the "stand" command and then rubbed him down good and proper with a doggy shampoo for tick and flea control. And then when I started rinsing him he promptly lay down in the water and started trying to snap at the bubbles and splashing water! Just like when he plays with the water coming out of the hosepipe! Then I turned on the tap to rinse him with clean water and he had a ball trying to chew on the stream of water pouring into the bath whilst I poured it over him!
I am glad he had so much fun, its far easier to bath a dog who actually enjoys it!

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cat said...

Ah that's a lab/ retrieve for you. Any water welcome.