Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fifteen Week Old #SAGApupVolt

Tonight the scale said he weighs 15kg which means he's gained a whopping 3.1kg since last Sunday BUT I weighed him very late and he'd already eaten all his meals for the day (I checked this morning and he does indeed weigh 15kg). He now has 150g of Purina One All Breed Puppy Formula three times a day in accordance with our 10g/meal increase for each week of his age, and he's still having the salmon oil capsules as well.
the camera flash is very bright!
The scratching has already improved since our PDS advised us to stop him doing it. This is great because at one point he was stopping every ten paces or so to sit down and have a good scratch!! The last thing we want is him scratching himself raw, which he was very nearly doing with his top two nipples!
loving his Cyberbone
This morning we attended a graduation ceremony at the Gladys Evans Training Centre for 8 dogs and their blind partners. The reason we were there was because Volt's sponsors- Chris and Olga- were being given a framed photograph of Volt (one that I took about 3 weeks ago) to thank them and acknowledge their donation. Whilst many sponsors remain anonymous, and very few of them get to meet the pup they actually sponsor, when SAGA asked if we would mind their meeting Volt I was quite happy to do so since there's far more information available on Volt's progress than the other pups with my blogging about it. I must just say that SAGA works very hard to protect the privacy of the sponsors, the puppy walkers and the blind people who are partnered with a guide-dog.
I'm going to do a seperate post on the graduation by the way, because it was quite an experience.
On Friday night, the three of us went to see a movie and left Volt at home (outside) with Thelma and Louise- after they'd had supper of course, heh heh. It was the longest Volt had been alone at home with the girls and apart from him being very wet from the rain when we got home, we didn't find any hectic digging evidence, though I did discover the next morning that he'd chewed up one of the ferns next to the koi pond.
He loves sleeping next to the sliding door and I had to giggle when I called him and he sat up and looked at me, half asleep and half under the curtains!

And Volt is such a snuggle pup! If I go and sit on the floor on a cushion he will immediately join me for a cuddle and if I stay on the floor long enough he will go to sleep stretched out on the floor next to me. He loves to be cuddled and scratched and rubbed.
I was also reminded this last week that Volt is a lot like a young human child when it comes to excitement and getting over-stimulated. If he's had a busy day and he's bouncing all over the place he has to be told its time to calm down and be restful else he won't stop!
Oh and last week's Twitter "did you know" puppy raising tweets were as follows: 
Did You Know: Guide-dog pups are trained to sit and stay when walking through a door or gate so that they don't rush in or out.
Did You Know: Guide-dog pups are not allowed to play with balls or frisbees.
What I am pleased about is that these tweets get a couple of responses every week when people comment on something or ask why a certain rule applies, which is exactly the result I wanted from Twitter.

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Don't forget to check out the Twitter hash-tag #SAGApupVolt to see regular updates on my puppy raising adventure!


Gill said...

I fall a little bit more in love with him with every post! You're really doing an amazing thing :-)

Angel said...

Aw thanx Gill!