Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Louise Is On Meds Now...

This Sunday past my poor Louise had THREE epileptic seizures!
Her last one (that I witnessed) was in December and before that, starting in August or so, there was maybe one a month... but I didn't see them I only saw the aftermath so I am not 100% sure.
On Monday we went to the vet and we had a detailed discussion about her history and behaviour, and she had a thorough physical as well. She is slightly overweight at 11.7kg, and her teeth are going to need scaling in the next few months, but apart from that her coat is lovely and shiny and she is healthy over all. Unfortunately we have no idea of her exact age or pedigree so we don't know much about her history, but the vet was quite satisfied to diagnose her with canine epilepsy, and has prescribed Lethyl 30mg tablets for her to have twice a day- at breakfast and supper.
Luckily its easy to give Louise meds, a little piece of bread with some peanut butter gets the pill stuck inside it and she swallows it in one gulp!
He warned us that the meds may make her drowsy for a couple of days as she adjusts to it, but that that will stop soon enough.
We may also have to relook her meds or her dose if she has another seizure as she can become accustomed to the medication over time, but I am hoping that won't happen soon and she will be seizure free from now on.
If you would like to know what it looks like, you can see some canine epilepsy seizure videos on YouTube.


cat said...

Hope she feels better soon