Friday, February 10, 2012

A Growing #SAGApupVolt

After Tuesday's puppy class, Volt was quite worn out and he slept most of the afternoon away! He loves his yellow Cyberbone, by the way, and would give anything for us to play tug-o-war with him! He still takes a chance with something he's not supposed to have every now and then, but he will drop it when told to.

After I got some tips from our PDS at puppy class on Tuesday, walking with Volt is going better. See, he's not allowed to sniff the ground when we're out walking and it's been very tricky since he does an excellent vacuum cleaner impression when we're out and about. As a result we're going to keep his regular collar with the disc on for constant wear, and we're now going to graduate to a "big boy" collar - the half-check collar from Rogz (a blue one) for walking and working, the same as Thelma and Louise wear. I used Thelma's collar for our walks this week (I had to use Thelma's lime green one as Louise's collar is pink and I couldn't put that on him *giggle*) and it gives me far better control over him. I also have to vary our walking routes every day so that Volt doesn't get so used to one route that a new route freaks him out!

The heat at home at the moment is simply insane! Volt is not a fan of the heat (takes after his mommy, LOL) and will go and lie in a doorway or flat on the tiles when he sleeps. Today he spread himself out in front of the open back door. I was sorely tempted to join him!

I also got an email this week with the schedule for the guide-dog "group walks" and I am very much looking forward to participating in them as often as I can! We'll be group walking with dogs and pups with names like Tuppence, Khaos, Jitsu, Nordic, Frosty, Basheera, Dobby, Saxon, Ogden, Hula, Oreo and Oakley! How cool are those names!?

On Sunday we will be attending one of this year's graduation ceremonies and Volt will get to meet his sponsors! I sent a photograph of Volt through to SAGA today, one that I took in January, for them to frame and give to Volt's sponsors- Chris and Olga. I am very excited to meet them and have them meet Volt.

Oh and I was very impressed with Volt on Wednesday. I had a customer come and collect her cupcakes and when the gate called to say she was here I put Volt's lead on and we met her at the door. I made him sit and only when he was sitting calmly could he be greeted. After some very excited squirming he settled down and I took his lead off, and he was good as gold! No jumping or anything, and within five minutes he was asleep on the kitchen floor again! I was very proud.

Ooh and in other good news, it looks like Thelma is actually playing with Volt a little! Louise will run up and down and wrestle a little of she feels in the mood, but Thelma is finally showing signs of playfulness with Volt. And she's far less protective of her food when he's around, though she still growls a little if he gets too close. I am very very happy about it. Very happy indeed.

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