Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Turk and Diva!

I feel so bad! I completely missed their birthday and it was a week ago already!

Turk and Diva, brother and sister, are two years old already!

Beautiful, dainty Diva is not at all impressed with having Volt the guide-dog puppy in her house and remains aloof and mostly upstairs! Poor darling. Diva and Minx are the two acrobats in our house, and they are the ones who spend the most time either chasing each other up and down the staircase or climbing the security gate to play with the bell I hung at the top.

Turk, still our biggest cat, is completely the opposite to Diva in terms of the puppy, and is the one who gets closest to Volt! They're very nearly playing with each other! I have started to tell Volt "no" on more than one occasion when I saw Turk jumping on the furniture out the corner of my eye! Turk is also a total bathroom cat and will appear- almost out of thin air- if he hears the door open!

Happy purrday my darling fuzzies! My house and my heart would be empty without you!