Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our First Puppy Class #SAGApupVolt

On Tuesday mornings (starting yesterday), Volt and I will be going back to SAGA for a weekly socialisation and training class.

I was really nervous about the first class, but my PDS said that was perfectly normal for a first time puppy raiser. I was nervous because I was afraid they were going to think I'd done something wrong in the few weeks he'd been with me! If I don't raise and train him properly they will take him away from me, so I am working hard to stick to the rules that are essential for a well mannered guide-dog.

Puppy class is partly a socialisation class for the pups and partly for training. Since they're not allowed to socialise with strange dogs until after they're 4 months old, this gives us the opportunity to teach them how to interact with dogs other than the ones they live with. Volt got to play with one of his sisters (I can't remember her name, she's wearing a red collar) and his brother who is a big, chilled out, fluffy, teddybear of a pup! They had a ball! They can play and wrestle, but as soon as there is any growling or aggression we have to seperate them, and absolutely no humping is allowed as this is an act of dominance. They are also not allowed to play whilst on their leashes 'coz a leash must equal work for these dogs.
We also discuss the puppies' behaviour and progress with the SAGA people who run the class so they can guage their progress and temperaments. I was really chuffed to be able to report on the awesome progress Volt is making! I am very proud of him! I told them how he sniffs all around the outside of the dogs' and cats' food dishes but has learned that he may not eat out of them, apart from the occasional "boundary testing" and they were impressed, though I don't know if they entirely believed me... LOL!
In yesterday's class, we were showed how to work on sit-down-sit-stand and sit-stay-come-sit, which we will be working on this week!

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tanyadeville said...

love the pics and so glad for you that they are happy with his and your progress - fabulous news! I would love to come and watch one of your classes :)

Gill said...

So glad the session went well!

cat said...

You guys are going to rock at this!