Sunday, November 11, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Thirty Two Weeks Old

He weighed 28.9kg on the vet's scale this morning. He's now seven months old so his growth rate will be slowing down a lot now. He's still lighter and shorter than Volt was at the same age and comparing their growth rates has been fascinating indeed.
I have now also reduced his twice daily meals from 260g to 240g of the Nutriphase, and will reduce it again next month.
I am pleased to say that I have found an almost perfect toy for Riddick! Its a solid rubber ball thats bigger than a tennis or cricket ball so its quite a mouthful, and it bounces (but doesn't float). He can see it, he can hear it, he can pick it up and bring it back to me no problem, but he can't puncture it!
So we have started a kind of "sleep training" for Riddick to stop him waking me at 5am. What it entails is stopping him and sending him off- quietly- when he gets on the bed to wake us, and then only getting up and acknowledging him when he lies quietly on the floor. He really is very sweet when he wakes us up, he gets onto the bed between my husband and I, and he streeeetches and yawns and licks our hands, so its not as if he jumps on us and barks and bites or anything like that. But because we didn't crate train him, he is able to get up on the bed and wake us up.
Although he wakes up at 5am, I would rather sleep a little later!
Its been three days, so I'll let you know how it goes.
And now for some pictures!
the brand new Rogz collar that lasted all of 4 days!
peacefully sharing a bed with Minx
naughty boy on the couch backrest again
my silly rickle pickle puppy asking to go outside