Monday, February 25, 2008

Meet Grampa Scratchy

My old man.
My snuggle cat.
Rescued off the street (so to speak) by Damien- the poor furbaby was skinny and snivelling- and after 10 days I just could not let the vet send him to the SPCA 'coz I knew no one would adopt him. He now lives in my bedroom, with his own food, water and litterbox, where he's been ever since I brought him home over a year ago.
Being as old as he is, I think he thinks he's sposed to be in charge... and Taxi thinks otherwise. Taxi takes every opportunity to dash into the bedroom and take a swat at the old man, who then dashes in under the chest of drawers and growls and hisses at him.
Greebo denies the existence of the old man altogether. Occasionally you may find Greebo looking at my bedroom door as if wondering if he should introduce himself to Grampa Scratchy properly... but he has yet to follow through.
The old man's eyes are rheumy, his ears are scalloped, his one canine tooth has had its point broken off and he has scars all over.
I believe he was loved at one stage, and I am hoping he got lost when trying to find his way "home" after his servants moved house... I would hate to think this sweet and lovable old man was unceremoniously dumped somewhere.
He loves nothing more than to be held and cuddled and he purrs loudly and kneads you when you hug him and stroke him.


Gin said...

what adorable kitty!

angel said...

gin: why thank you