Monday, February 18, 2008

Meet Taxi

My darling Taxi... AKA Snickerdoodle, Tickanax, Tickanackaz... and whatever other rubbish comes to mind when I cuddle him.

Taxi goes where I go- and if I go without him he opens the door!
He doesn't like being cuddled and held- but he loves to be stroked and scratched and he'll purr like a tractor when he's happy. While I'm cuddling him he'll rub up against anything near him from walls to couches. He loves toys covered in fake fur and when he falls asleep his mouth hangs open! He also has no teeth besides his canines and a few front teeth- he battled unbelievably with gum-disease and despite my brushing his teeth and changing his diet he started losing weight because he couldn't eat so I had no choice but to have them pulled. He manages fine now, snacky things and all!
Unlike Greebo, Taxi doesn't mind being photographed.
For some strange reason he's a little wary of Damien- I have no idea why since Damien has never been cruel to him or anything.