Friday, May 25, 2012

Aunty Beags Was Puppysitting!

On Monday morning I had to take Volt to the vet in Bryanston as he had an upset stomach.
Because Riddick is still learning to like the car I was a little worried about taking him and Volt to the vet together, and then my friend Beagle Momma offered to have Riddick while I went to the vet!

She very sweetly emailed me the photos she took of Riddick while he was visiting her! Luckily Beagle Momma's dogs are well socialised so I didn't mind him visiting with her at all- in fact, she's going to puppysit for me again next week when Volt has to go for an assessment group walk at Lifestyle!

Thank you Beagle Momma, Harry and Oscar!

meeting Harry the beagle

playing with a little tennis ball

playing in Beags' garden

asleep under her desk!


cat said...

Uncle Oscar and Princess Harry are such good grown puppy friends