Monday, May 21, 2012

The Kitties Don't Like Puppies Much...

When we came home with Riddick and Volt last Friday, the cats all disappeared upstairs until they reckoned the pups were outside or asleep.
Turk was the only one of our cats who would happily snuggle with the dogs, the others would rather not have puppies in the house at all!
On Friday evening my knucklehead went upstairs when he came home from work and started giggling, calling me to bring my camera- Minx, Magic and Diva were squished together on the blanket on his bed! No puppies allowed!

And this evening I had to get a picture of another mini-me moment between Greebo and Minx, who were watching Volt and Riddick playing.
Can't you just taste the disdain?!

I think the new puppy, Riddick, has the cats a tad confused... Like Volt, Riddick had never had any interactions with cats until he came home with us. Unlike Volt, Riddick can't see what the cats are! A couple of times he has come face-to-face, literally, with one of the cats and just stopped dead in his tracks. And once he could see Greebo up on the kitchen counter and he was bouncing and barking at him. When its daylight he can see them moving around and he clearly knows they're not dogs but I don't think he knows what to do about them. And unlike Volt did, Riddick doesn't chase them!


Gina said...

Love then mini-me photo :)

Dino said...

awwww ours came around to the dogs after a time. It was faster with Boo than it was with Sassy. While Cleo will still stare, hiss and if given the chance claw at Boo she doesn't let Boo keep her from being downstairs