Sunday, May 27, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Eight Weeks Old

He weighed 6.2kg on the vet's scale- once I could get him to sit still! That means he's gained a whopping 1.3kg in the last week! He outweighs Volt when he was 8 weeks old, so either he is going to be bigger than Volt or he's having different growth spurts to Volt's... We'll have to see.
He is now eating 80g of Purina Olympic Puppy three times a day, with Protexin (a probiotic) sprinkled on his breakfast and dinner.

He is doing so well with car travel! He still whines and complains at the start of a journey, but he is starting to settle down and sleep a bit now instead of moaning throughout the journey. It will be a while before I will be comfortable leaving him at home "unsupervised"...

Ooh and I blogged this week past about how training Riddick is a bit of a challenge and about his visiting Beagle Momma!

We are realising- as we spend more and more time with him- what he can and can't see. When we are outside for "busies" and for play time, he is quite happy to bounce around the garden after Volt and play and do some rough and tumble, and when he's had enough he quite easily bounds up the three steps leading to the kitchen door and waits to be let in again (he's not outside unsupervised for more than a few minutes). Going down the stairs is another story though- he doesn't seem able to judge how high the steps are and he will stay at the top rather than chance going down and hurting himself, and once or twice I have caught him jumping off the second step and landing on his face!
He can see our cats as shapes when they walk or run past him, and he can smell they're not dogs, but he's not sure how to handle them. And their hissing at him obviously puts him off trying to play with them.
He doesn't see as well at night as he does in the day, even with the lights on. In daylight and at night he will walk towards our call but he reacts much better to us tapping on the floor or snapping our fingers. At night he will walk towards the couch but can't "see" us on the couch unless we add an extra noise. He sees contrasts best.

What we have REALLY noticed is how different he is to Volt! Riddick is very, very "ma vas" (in English you'd probably say "tied to my apron strings")! He really doesn't like being alone and he will start howling  if he thinks he's alone in a room. When he gets sleepy he will seek out either myself or my husband and lie against our feet or against the couch we're sitting on. Unlike Volt he is really disinclined to just collapse in the middle of the floor and fall asleep when he's worn out. He's very vocal compared to Volt as well. He is also far more vocal than Volt ever was and if he grabs something he's not supposed to have he starts to run away with it if I say "no"!

Who can resist a sleeping puppy!??! Not even Volt is immune!! And let me tell you... I am hard pressed NOT to pick him up off the floor and snuggle him on the couch or the bed with me at the drop of a hat! I have picked him up and cuddled him on the couch with me a couple of times and he has already learnt- yes its that fast- that if he jumps up all cute in front of me I might put him up on the couch! That has to stop now!

Lookit the cuteness!!!

Volt and Riddick play together all the time!


Having Volt here to keep the puppy busy has been a big help! Volt is providing the snuggles that he would have loved to get from Thelma and Louise when he was a little pup!