Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Afternoon At Gilroy's With #SAGApupVolt

On Sunday at lunch time, we went to a place called Gilroy's to celebrate a friend's birthday. Its a pub and restaurant that brews its own beer, with the patrons seated outside, and considering it was a Sunday afternoon the place was PACKED!
Between the restaurant visitors and the entertainment it was a VERY noisy place, and there were lots of children- most of whom passed by Volt on the way to the play area as I had him benched to the long wooden table we were sitting at. We chose to sit at that end of the table specifically so that we would be out of the restaurant server's way, and so that we could make an easy exit should Volt need to go busy or get restless.

I had called in the week before our lunch to make sure Gilroy's wouldn't mind Volt visiting with us as they do not actually allow dogs. I explained that he is a guide-dog in training and still technically a puppy, and they said they would make an exception for Volt!
I was so impressed with Volt! He was very aware of the people and the children constantly going past our table, but he didn't make a sound! Several children and adults came up to him to say hello and he was so good- he didn't jump up or lick anyone nor did he try and pull away from the table! 
He lay and slept either next to the table or under my bench for the entire afternoon and most of the people at our table didn't even know he was there!!
He had a bowl of water next to him and every now and then I would give one of the children a couple of doggie pellets to give him as a treat.
About an hour before we decided to leave he started getting a little fidgety and bored, but I suspected it would start since we had already been there for a good four hours!
I was so very proud of him!

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