Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Magic Christmas Morning

Of all our furbabies, Magic is the only one who has expressed any interest in Christmas at all.

She's knocked one or two decorations off the tree and chased them around, but she responds well to the spray bottle now. On Christmas morning she had a wonderful time playing with Damien's Christmas wrapping and boxes, and gave his new iPOD hi-fi a good once over.

Her eyes are very definitely brown now, and she's grown so much!


Everycat said...

What a lovely Christmas morning! We hope you all had a most excellent time. I'm sure Magic was wonderfully entertaining judging by these pictures. She's really growing fast. Hope Taxi's leg is all ok now too.

Happy New Year to you all!

Whicky Wuudler

Anonymous said...


Please help!

We have a young female cat Belle, and on Saturday Mia, an 8 week kitten was found by friends and we couldn't resist! Belle is interested and friendly but the kitten is being horrid!!
What can we do?

angel said...

ann: hi ann, introductions can be tricky, especially if the new cat may be feral. try locking the little one in a room for a couple of weeks and exchanging toys, litter, blankets and such till they get used to each other's smells... then introduce them slowly, with only supervised time together. it does help that the newbie is a baby.
good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much.
Will keep you posted!

Alex the Blogging Kat said...

Happiez New Yearz, kitty katz, & Mz. Angel hoomin bean 2! OK?

acidicice said...

Hi! Can't wait for you to meet my cat! We'll have to have a chat about her as well and see if I can hit you up for any advice :)

angel said...

ann: how goes it?

alex the blogging kat: thank you alex- to you too!

acidicice: amber is just too beautiful!