Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Taxi Rambling

Last night, Taxi decided things were too dull around here and he wanted to liven it up a little.

At about 10pm, we were already drifting off to sleep- lights off an everything- when I realised Greebo was being very vocal, and very restless.
He talks a lot, but he doesn't usually just walk around meowing. He was up the stairs and down the stairs, on the balcony outside my bedroom (where the door is almost always open for them) and inside again.
I knew something was up, so I got up and went to see what he was moaning about. He was on the balcony wall outside my bedroom, meowing, and came to the door when I asked him what was up, then looked down over the side of the wall again.
I realised one of the cats may be outside as I couldn't see Magic or Taxi, so I went looking for them.
Greebo followed me down the stairs, and then Magic appeared. Both of them headed for the doors and windows downstairs so I knew Taxi was out.
I figured it had happened when my son had had his last smoke and locked up for the night.
It took us a few minutes, but we found him and he slunk back in through the front door.

Then at about 4:40AM, I heard two loud noises but I was half asleep... then I realised Greebo was again walking in and out of my bedroom vocalising like mad.
I just knew Taxi was outside again, and the noise I'd heard was his trying to open the front door ('coz he does that).
When I let him in again, I did a quick tour of the house and found no less than TWO windows that were wide open!
I'm sure it was the maid, for whatever reason, and I'm more than a little miffed at her.

Needless to say I didn't sleep too well, and all the cats have been inside and accounted for since I closed the windows.