Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kitten Pee Inna Mawneen

Last week, our little Minx suddenly took to peeing on my husband's pillows!!

I know that a cat suddenly not using its litterbox is a very bad sign and usually a sign of illness, so I was worried. I caught her doing it once, and I kept a close eye on her after that. The second time I caught her doing it, my poor hubby was being very rudely awoken early one morning with Minx peeing on his pillow and his head!

I took her to the vet that same morning, and after a quick blood smear the vet found there were still traces of worms and infection in her blood! She had already been dewormed, but the vet dit again and Minx was put on an antibiotic. I am now also mixing a probiotic powder into the cats' water dish, which will benefit all the cats.

updating her Facebook page...?

Minx now weighs in at a whole kilogram, and she plays with Turk and Magic till they're all worn out!!

And then a couple of days ago I caught her red handed... erm, red pawed!? Look at this!!


mylifescape said...

Love the innocent look "caught in the act" face! #adorablenessniz

Sharon said...

Ag moeder ma!!

Clairious Miss said...

fun1fun!fun! I miss kittens!