Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy 7th Purrday Greebo

My beautiful, sleek and glossy Greebo.

My always camera shy Greebo who hides only from thunder and occasionally from strange visitors.
 My gawjiss white-tipped boss of the cats.
You remain slightly aloof with kittens who become part of our family until they properly outgrow baby games.
You remain a little stand-offish with all the cats in the house but Taxi, with whom you happily wrestle and play catch.
You are still the only cat in our household that will bump heads.
You will do almost anything for a piece of chicken.
You like to occasionally torment the dogs through the big glass windows, just to let them know who is boss, and Damien is your favourite human.


Clairious Miss said...

The tip of the tail! Oh my, that is sooooooo adorable!