Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great Hunter, Greebo

I have yet to get a picture- but my precious Greebo is quite the mighty stalker...
And no, you're not confused, my furbabies still do not go outside and are purely indoor cats.
Greebo hunts my knucklehead's socks.
I didn't know it, but apparently when cats catch something they talk and meow whilst they carry it around, sorta calling attention to the fact that they have succeeded in their predatory pursuits.
Greebo fetches socks- singly or in balls- from the knucklehead's closet and then carries them down the passage, calling and yowling with a mouthful of cotton-polyester blend.
Its too funny!
Then he drops the socks in the passage outside our bedrooms and walks up and down the passage, or sits on the staircase calling and meowing a little.
I am going to try and see if I can get a picture of him "sneaking" out of the knucklehead's room with socks in his mouth!


acidicice said...

That would be classic! Would love to see it! Make sure you twitpic it too! :)