Monday, June 6, 2011

Its Been A Year!

Thelma and Louise came to live with us a year ago already! I can't believe how time has flown!
Happy adoptiversary my sweet clever puppies!
They still have no idea how to play, or what to do with doggy toys, but they chase each other round the garden - and Louise gets so excited when we go into the garden that she woofs and dances! Thelma is the smarter of the two, and the most obedient. :) Louise is the excitable one and will do just about anything to go for a walk!
They were at the vet recently for their annual shots, and both very obediently got up onto the scale when prompted- Thelma weighing in at 11.7kg and Louise is 13.2kg. They were very nervous at the vet's office of course, and they were shaking nervously when I lifted them onto the table for a check up and their injections- but once they were on the floor again they were quite happy.
Thelma still doesn't like the car. She'll get in no problem for one trip- like the trip to the vet- but the going home trip she took a lot of coaxing to get into the car again. Louise has no problem and will happily run and jump in the car at every opportunity!
They are such sweethearts, and now its getting really cold at night they sleep inside on their own cushions in the corner. They don't wonder the house and they don't pick on the cats!