Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Babies Are Home!!

Yay!!!Our precious new furbabies, Turk and Diva, have moved into our study!
They have an igloo to hide and play in, their own litterbox, food bowls, water bowl, toys and their own blanket. The study also has a corner desk, a wheeled chair and a sleeper couch- and they are having the most wonderful time climbing on and exploring everything! Today when I went to answer Diva's persistent calls for attention, she was perched on the top of the study chair's backrest!
The babies will be locked away from Greebo, Taxi and Magic for at least a week. Magic is severely annoyed with the change and has actually started growling when we cuddle him again! Taxi is very curious, and his penchant for opening doors is the reason the door is locked. Greebo is curious but typically aloof.

Today they are 7 weeks and 5 days old.

Turk weighs 1kg and Diva weighs in at a petite 800g!!


SheBee said...

They look so happy! I miss them, but I'm at such peace knowing they're part of your family now :)

When can I come visit?