Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Vet Visit

Turk and Diva had their first shots today.
They had a worm treatment and got an immune booster for FeLV. I wouldn't have worried about the FeLV since our boys don't go outside, but Taxi was diagnosed 4 years ago with the virus and I want to make sure the babies can't get it from him. Greebo and Magic are thankfully immune as well.
When I let the two of them out of the travel box in the vet's office, the vet picked Diva up and gave her a good once over and listened to her heart and stomach and such, checking in her ears and all... and then picked Turk up to do the same.
I was chatting all the while and then mentioned they are brother and sister and will be 11 weeks old tomorrow. She then said about Turk, and I quote, "Wow, He's going to be huge!"
Gotta love it!!
They're both very sleepy now and have been snoozing since we got back from the vet. I'm hoping its a side-effect of their shots and they'll be fine in the morning.

The vet is very happy with Turk and Diva's progress and health.

Diva is still the most gawjiss classic tabby I've ever seen, and Turk is starting to develop some definite flame-point markings on his face to match his tail and ears. And his eyes are still blue.

All 5 cats are now more than comfortable with each other! Playing, grooming, sleeping and eating together. I'm quite ecstatic about it!