Monday, April 14, 2008


Right, so.

It’s now a little after 7am Sowff Effrikuh time and I have had just under two hours sleep.

My last post was at about 1am this morning.

I have my annual performance appraisal this afternoon at 4pm.

I wonder if I can take the morning off to sleep… then again, if I go home I won’t sleep because my precious Taxi cat has vanished!

He wasn’t himself again yesterday, some may remember I took him to the vet a couple of weeks ago ‘coz he was off colour… well, yesterday the same thing. So I made up my mind to take him to the vet today after work.

So, whilst playing on the interweb at about 1am, I hear Taxi jump off the couch and head for the toilet where their litterbox is.

Now usually he sleeps on my chest, or on my back, or on my ribs- basically somewhere on my upper body- when I go to bed. Its unusual when he doesn’t… so when I heard him use the litterbox I thought I’d give him some time and go fetch him to sleep with me.

So I go looking for him and I can’t find him.

I looked for him, in my flat, for an hour!

My cats don’t go outside- I’m on the second floor so there’s no way in or out for them… Taxi and Greebo both have gotten out a few times, but they’re always more than happy to get home and they’re never gone very long… But I can’t find Taxi. I don’t know why he would have gone “out” and for the life of me I cannot work out how since I keep my windows open jut wide enough for a nose and some fresh air… And my flat is in an old building so its nice and big, but searching for an hour!!?!? So then I went outside. Searching for a big black cat, in the dark, at 2h30.

I couldn’t find him bunnies.

I went again this morning quickly, but I had to get Damien to his lift for school and I had to get to work… and my cat is missing.

He’s tagged and microchipped and he has a collar on, but thats little consolation to me now.

My cat is missing, I’ve had about 2 hours sleep and I have my performance appraisal this afternoon.

Oh God please let me find my cat… or let someone find him for me.