Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chilled Out Puppies

I have an old couch on my stoep. 
I put it outside for when I have visitors as we entertain a lot, and since its been outside Thelma and Louise have annexed it for themselves.

Thelma is the one who is chilled. Once she's gone around to greet all the visitors she'll settle down and go to sleep. Louise is the one who will look for a handy foot to seat herself against. And Thelma is the one who smiles the most!

When I go outside, or get home from being out, the girls meet me at the gate and as I open the gate I point and tell them to get on their couch. They run and jump onto the couch and then wait until I call them to come to me again. Its so comical to see how they watch me around the wall! I have yet to train them to stay on the couch when visitors arrive, but we're working on it.