Monday, August 22, 2011

Turk Takes Over

I had a real giggle today!
Thelma and Louise have been sleeping inside overnight and spending time inside the house with me in the day time for about 6 months now, and whilst the feline furkids no longer lose the plot when Louise comes haring in the front door- they're not exactly cosying up to each other either!
Turk is the one who spends the most time going up to where Thelma and Louise sleep, either sniffing noses or trying to sneak up on them, or taking a swat at one of them, like he's making it clear who's boss.
Thelma and Louise no longer snap or bark at the cats, they responded very well to my training that the cats were out-of-bounds, they will sniff Turk's nose if he goes right up to them without making a fuss.
This morning I was tidying up the kitchen and the girls were inside, and I happened to glance over to where their bed is and lo and behold- there was Turk, curled up and sleeping in the doggy "donut" right next to their bed cushions! I was astounded!
And then a little later in the afternoon I was cooing and squeaking at Diva- 'coz thats how I roll- and Louise heard me, walking over to see if maybe I was talking to her too.
The next thing I know - Turk is running across the living room and chases Louise back onto her cushion!
It was hysterical!


Dino aka Katy said...

Hihi its the same in my house. Cleo will sleep in the bed of the great dane when the dogs are out and she'll drink from the dogs water. Misty will lay next to them and if they get out of bounds in her mind she sets them straight