Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Six Months Old!

Today, Turk and Diva are 6 months old.
They were born on January 14th 2010.
I can hardly believe how time has flown and I can't believe how they've grown!

Turk has definitely changed the most and grown the most. He's simply exquisite. I weighed him this morning & he tipped the scales at 4kg!

Diva remains one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen, and she gets prettier as she gets older. And she's still half Turk's size!

Today Turk and Diva will also be neutered and spayed respectively, and they'll be microchipped so that I can add them to our pets' medical insurance. Turk's neutering is definitely easier on him than poor Diva's operation, but I like our vet a lot so I'm not worried about them. Our vet waits until the cats are 6 months old before spaying or neutering, and then she microchips them while they're under anaesthetic.
Taxi, Turk & Diva curled up on my bed behind my laptop
Diva, queen of the castle!
See how much bigger Turk is than Diva!?
all 5 of my furbabies eating their supper, bottom to top- Greebo, Turk, Taxi, Magic and Diva


SheBee said...

They are all beautiful babies. I'm so grateful that my baby's babies are your babies now - they have the happiest most loving home I could have ever hoped for.