Monday, July 12, 2010

Bathroom Cats!

I dunno bout your cats- but mine love my bathroom!
They know my daily routine, so when my alarm goes off in the morning and I head for the bathroom to go through my morning routine, Taxi and Turk follow me in. Sometimes Diva comes too, but she likes to snuggle with a warm body.

While I’m in the bathroom, Turk and Taxi will play catch in the bath, play with the water droplets running down the inside of the shower door, wrestle the bath mat, traipse wet pawprints all over my basin, attempt to catch the water coming out of the tap, and gaze longingly through the narrowly open window at the birds bouncing around outside!

More often than not, Turk will alternate between walking a figure-eight between my ankles and talking to me, and curling up on the damp bathmat… and Taxi will sit as close to me as he can on the edge of the bath while I do my make up and brush my teeth.

Apparently, a lot of cats like bathrooms and the cool of tiles or damp towels... but there are lots of opinions as to why.