Monday, September 20, 2010

Angel Has Dogs. Playing.

They don't.
Thelma and Louise don't play.

Louise gets very excited when she sees her leash or when we arrive home from work- so we do not put the leashes on either dog until they've chilled and calmed down- but I assumed her excitement would translate to playfulness.
It doesn't.
I've tried a few different toys including a hard rubber ball, a tennis ball on a rope and a rope in its own, but apart from Thelma running after the ball once or twice it seems they have no idea what to do with the toys! And they react very badly to anything resembling a stick, their cowering makes me wonder if they weren't beaten by whoever abandoned them.

How do I teach the girls to play?


beagle_momma said...

try a soft cuddly squeaky toy...?

they WILL (probably) destroy it if you leave it unattended tho... so, only bring it out for playtime...

squeak it, wiggle it, make it come alive... try playing with it with Glugs or the Knucklehead and the 2 of you play and have an awesome time - see if the girls are interested in joining the fun.

make it UBER FUN tho! running, pouncing, crouching (just make sure the neighbours cant see you!! lol).

and when its time to pack the toy away, leave them wanting more... shake it around away from them, and say "ok, all over" ... so they will think "oooh, there goes that fun toy, can't wait til tomorrow!"


well... that's what i'd do ;)


good luck, and happy playing!