Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Angel Has Dogs. Training.

And they're learning so beautifully!
They "sit", and they're learning steadily to "stay".
If I tap on the entrance to their igloo and say "box", they go inside, and usually stay there till I call them out.
When I go outside with their leashes they know they're not going to get walked until they calm down and wait for me. And when we are walking they are well behaved and don't yank me all over the place.
We are doing some car training as well because I would like to take them to a dog park more often, but Thelma gets car sick and Louise gets very shaky and nervous. Right now, we're working on getting in and out of the car without hesitation, and then we'll move on to short trips, going further and further until they are okay in the car.
We did take them to the dog park once, and they are so well behaved with other dogs I was very pleased indeed. I am so glad I can let them off leash and let them walk free without worrying about fights or something.
We just need to work a little harder on them coming when called when we're not at home.


cat said...

There are some great homeopathic stuff for dogs for both car sickness and nervousness. Go look at:
I haven't used myself but friends have.

I love that they are doing so well.