Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy First Purrday Turk and Diva!!!


I can't believe its a year ago that Shebeeliciousness tweeted about her Seasea giving birth on her bed!
Today, you are one year old! In cat years you are 15 years old! Luckily for me you are not typical teenagers and you play exceptionally well with each other and with your other housemates.

Turk, my gorgeous blue eyed flame point. You love to come and take over my lap when you feel like a snooze. And you will purr loudly and look up at me with your eyes half closed if I talk to you. Your favourite sleeping spot is on our bed, along with Taxi and Minx.
Diva, you are the lady of the house. You are still one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen. You are so sweet to baby Minx, playing tag with her when the fancy takes you sends both of you all but cartwheeling up and down the upstairs passageway! You will come to me on my bed sometimes and ask for a cuddle, kneading the bed like crazy while I stroke your ears, but you never stay long, preferring the blanket on Damien's bed.


Sharon said...

Aaaaw Happy purrday babies, you are gorgeous!! Mwah and mwah and huge big cuddles from another kitty mommy

SheBee said...

Awwww! It's been a whole year?! Precious little things, they've grown into such beautiful furteenies and I'm still so happy they found you as their momma.