Monday, October 8, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Twenty Seven Weeks Old

Last Monday our "baby boy" was officially six months old!
On the vet's scale this morning he weighed 26.4kg (400g gained since last week), and he has now been eating 190g Nutriphase Puppy twice a day for a week. He still comes and asks me for his lunch every day though...
This coming Tuesday he is going to be castrated. I need to say a HUGE thank you to SAGA for their help here- I'll be dropping Riddick off at their kennels tomorrow afternoon and they will make sure he does the proper surgery "fast", they'll take him to the vet, they'll collect him for me (along with the other dogs being done as they always do a group booking), and then I can collect him from SAGA's kennels again on Tuesday or Wednesday.
The vet will take a look at the inside of Riddick's top lip for me but the wart that was there is already gone!
Last Wednesday I had to fly to PE for the day and I had to be at the airport at 6am already! When I switched on my bedside light at 5am Riddick wasn't even awake yet and when he realised I was up the look on his face was really comical! He stayed home with his "daddy" all day as we still have painters on the property.
When the painters started their work I warned them that the pups would make off with brushes or tools or anything they thought they could carry of the guys left it within reach but I tried to make sure I was outside with the pups at all times so I could keep an eye on them. Yesterday we found a trowel in the pool and Riddick grabbed it and tried to run off with it when my husband fished it out! The painters have finished their work thank goodness, so the pups can go and play outside a little more than they were able to the last couple of weeks.
We're still battling sporadically with the copraphagia unfortunately... If I am with him I watch him closely and tell him to "leave it" if there's anything I haven't scooped yet, but I am going to have to get more of the Copranat food spray before we get another guide-dog puppy in a few months.
Yesterday afternoon my husband was working on the pump and Kreepy Krawley and such, as the house repairs took quite a toll on our pool! When he turned the Kreepy back on and jumped back into the pool the lapping water and the Kreepy made a noise under the pool weir's round lid and Riddick was convinced there was something in there!