Friday, October 19, 2012

My #SAGApupVolt Goes Into Training Today

Today is Volt's "intake day".
This morning I took off his blue all-the-time collar with his name tag on it because when I dropped him off he was wearing his working collar and lead, which belongs to SAGA. We took him back to SA Guide-dogs and on Monday he will begin his formal guide-dog training. He is in a group of five dogs and will be training with Qedo, Ruby, Titan and his sister Vegas.
It was very undramatic as they try not to make a fuss of the dogs arrival as they pick up on their people's emotions. And of course we have dropped him at kennels for several week-long stays whilst we were raising him so this wasn't a completely strange experience.
I have so very many thoughts going through my head! Have I done enough? Did I do it right? Is he going to miss me? Is he going to do well? I am so proud of my boy going into training, and yet I am heart sore that I won't see him every day anymore. A tiny part of me almost- almost- wishes he doesn't make it and he can come back home to us forever, but the biggest part of me wants to see him graduate next year with his blind partner and start doing the work he was born for.
I will miss him pushing himself between me and my laptop so he can rest his head on my arms or my lap whilst his tail wags furiously.
I will miss his tail bumping the back of my knees as he wags it during our walks.
I will miss him going upstairs to wake my husband by pulling the duvet off him.
I will miss him "smiling" at me with a yawn and a stretch when I let him out of his crate in the mornings.
We will see him whilst he's on training, the pups have a couple of holidays and he may be able to come and stay with us over Christmas when his trainer goes on holiday, but we won't see him for a few weeks while he gets used to being at kennels full time and bonds with his trainer.
this sequence shows Volt doing a "down stay" (albeit a little untidy) and demonstrating how he ignores Riddick and ball play 
Riddick and Volt competing to see who can bring me the ball...
Riddick and Volt waiting for me to throw the ball... 

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Gill said...

Wow, the time has flown, I can't believe it's already time for Volt to go into training! I have loved watching himt grow and develop. You have done a GREAT job!

Sharon said...

Aaaw Hugs for you Angel xx

AngelConradie said...

It has flown indeed Gill!
Thank you Sharon!