Monday, October 22, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Twenty Nine Weeks Old

It seems I spoke too soon, Riddick has been waking me at 5h15 all week! My one week of sleeping till 6h00 was bliss, but it seems it was an anomaly.

snoozing and watching me work

He's been "alone" at home, without Volt, since Friday morning. He's definitely fidgety and bored, but he's not  unmanageable and he's not pining at all. I have increased our ball play sessions and the length of our walk so I can burn off some of his excess energy.
He weighed a healthy 26.6kg on the vet's scale this morning, but thats a little bit down on last week. I increased his two daily meals to 200g per meal a week ago since he is still growing, but if he starts looking tubby I'll reduce it again.
Our walks are going well. He's not as responsive on lead as I would like him to be, but the lessons I learned from Volt have made my life far easier and he doesn't pull me all over the place!
He's learning to "shake" as well which is very cute! He doesn't always lift his paw but he's getting it.
I am also teaching him, with cookie treats, to be okay with having something on his head- like a cap or a new pair of Doggles.
On Saturday afternoon Jo'burg was hit by an incredible hailstorm! We didn't have hailstones as big as they were in some areas but I was worried at one point that we were going to lose a window or two! Thankfully that was not the case, and my gentle conditioning with Riddick has worked a treat in that he no longer barks at the noise made by a storm like this one was. When we went out a little later after the storm, Riddick went barreling out the door when I said "okay" and stopped dead in the middle of the lawn!
hailstones banked up against my garage doors
The hail had banked up against the garden wall and Riddick was not at all sure what the white stuff was. He barked at it until I went to the ice and stomped on it and called him over calmly. Once he realised it was ice he had a ball! He loves ice cubes and he was digging and chomping the hailstones and running up and down the garden! It was very funny!
I took his stitches out on Saturday morning as well. He's been very good about not licking or chewing on them and it looks like its healed nicely.
 Riddick loves the balcony outside my bedroom!
using daddy's leg as a pillow 
his favourite chew toy