Sunday, October 28, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Thirty Weeks Old

He weighed 26.8kg on the vet's scale today, so he's up 200g from last week. I'm glad he's gaining weight again but he's obviously going to be smaller than our Volt- he's a full 4kg lighter than Volt was at the same age!
His first week without his "big brother" Volt has been okay, he's a little bored without Volt to wrestle his excess energy off with, but otherwise it was fine. We play fetch a couple of times a day and we have an obedience session (or two if I can fit them in) to practice "sit" and "down". And he's learning "shake" too!
Unfortunately for me, he's right back to waking up at 5am again! Every day! I know it would be a different story if he was sleeping in a crate and couldn't come and wake me up when HE wants to, but we decided when we adopted him that we wanted him to sleep in our bedroom and be a guard-dog so we didn't do crate training.
I've noticed lately that Riddick reacts very strongly to dogs and dog sounds on TV or on my laptop!
He's enjoying his walks more and more too. He's still stopping and starting whenever an interesting smell catches his attention, or crossing in front of me to follow his nose, but he doesn't pull me off my feet and he's not flinching at passing cars or barking dogs at all.
asleep on mommy's bed
I made a little video too! He is just so cute!

Riddick found an old fluffy slipper of mine under my bed and I let him keep it. I had to toss it a mere three days later but he enjoyed the HELL out of it while it lasted. I was throwing it for him and he was sleeping with it and everything.
He's doing better and better in the car too. If he is benched to the door handle on the backseat he is a lot quieter than when he's not benched. He HATES the sound of the hooter and gets very vocal and upset if I hoot at anything. While I'm driving, he sits down when I start to brake for a traffic light or stop street and stands up again when I pull away. I had a good giggle on Saturday when I looked over my shoulder and saw he was sitting on the armrest in the backseat!
And then this week I submitted another picture to dog shaming* (a different one to the picture below). Riddick got hold of my husband's new Samsung Galaxy Ace without us noticing and when we realised he was chewing something he had managed to get the back cover off and chew dents in it! Luckily it can still be attached to the phone, but its all wonky now. Thank goodness there was no other damage to the phone.
*Riddick has been on dog shaming before!