Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Volt's First Day #SAGApupVolt

This morning at about 10am, I was very surprised to hear from SAGA! If I was prepared to continue Volt's antibiotics till it was finished, I could fetch him immediately!
I was thrilled!
I immediately went home to fetch his collar and leash, his stuffed dog and my camera, and set of for SAGA.
When I got there I was given a lot of reading material, a big bag of puppy food, and instructions for his food and meds. I was also given another briefing on the rules for puppy raising.
Then I was allowed to go and sit with the puppies so I could watch them for a while before deciding on one of the two male pups.
I chose my Volt after watching them play for a while, and then we drove home.
As per my instructions, Volt has to stay in the footwell of the passenger side seat, with the leash closed in the bottom of the door. It gives him enough leash to sit and lie down, but it prevents him from jumping up onto the seat or centre console.
He got his collar just before we left the SAGA Puppy Block, and he spent most of the day trying to get it off and scratching at it!
We started with the on-command toilet training as soon as we got home and it continued with a trip outside every 30 minutes or so.

Thelma and Louise are very upset with the puppy being in their space! Thelma is interested, and will let him sniff her nose and she puts him in his place with a growl if he gets too close, but Louise is completely freaked out! She won't even come in the back yard if he's there!

When I arrived at home with the puppy, my cats all disappeared upstairs and I only caught glimpses of them the rest of the day! When the puppy and I moved upstairs for the night, the cats headed back downstairs~ I'm not worried about the cats at all though. Cats sort themselves out when it comes to stuff like this.

And now, here are some photos!

click on the puppy to make a donation to SAGA
Don't forget to check out the Twitter hash-tag #SAGApupVolt to see regular updates on my puppy raising adventure!


GIna said...

Mazel Tov!
Welcome home Volt.
Too too too cute! especially the frogs leg pic :)

Gill said...

So looking forward to reading all about your time with Volt :-) Such a cutie-pie!