Monday, December 17, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Thirty Seven Weeks Old

Riddick weighed 28.2kg this morning which seems to be a little bit down on last week, but it was on my scale at home, not the vet.
He's still on 200g Nutriphase Adult and I am liking it. His tummy likes it too and his teeth are nice and clean. And whilst he sheds like crazy- I'm talking a handful of hair just from running it down his back- his coat is shiny and soft.
His training is coming along nicely. Leash-work is still a bit messy as he walks beautifully one day and dreadfully the next, but we continue to work on it. He's doing really well with instructions like "sit", "down", "up sit" and "shake". He's still a bit of a nervous passenger in the car, but the Roadie has definitely made him feel more comfortable and secure.
I have realised that he knows the difference between a regular phone call and one from the gate where someone is wanting to come into the complex! A regular phone call he flat ignores, even if its on speaker. A call from the gate gets him all excited and fidgety and running to the door before the car has even driven in the gate! I'm not sure yet how he knows the difference as I have the same ring-tone for all incoming calls... But it does mean I have to get him on-lead before I head for the door because he just LOVES getting visitors!
And this picture is a perfect example of why it pays to train your puppy from day one! Here is Riddick, fast asleep not a nose-length from my take-out chicken! He has been taught from tiny that people food is not for him so he doesn't even associate it with a treat.