Monday, December 10, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Thirty Six Weeks Old

Riddick weighed 28.7kg on the scale this morning, so he hasn't picked up any weight in 3 weeks. He's only eight months old so he may still grow a little more before he turns one, but he won't get very much bigger. He's now eating 200g Nutriphase pellets twice a day, and because I have been battling to find the Nutriphase All-Breed Puppy I have switched him to adult food a couple of months earlier than I was planning to (I would have switched at 10 months old). He's been on it for a month though so I think he's fine with it.
Our sleep training has gone very well indeed. My alarm is set for 5h45, and for the last week I have woken up only when it goes off. Most days I wake up earlier when I hear Riddick's nails clicking as he walks around our bedroom, but I don't sit up or get out of bed unless he is lying quietly on the floor at the bedroom door. He hasn't jumped up onto the bed to wake us up in a couple of weeks so I consider the sleep training a success!
We bought Riddick a new chew rope for the Carols by Candlelight evening at SAGA, and he loves it! He carries it around the house with him and falls asleep chewing on it!
Snoozing in the early morning sunshine on the balcony outside our bedroom.
Fast asleep on the kitchen floor after a morning of ball play and walking.
This is my view when I sit and work on my bed!
And here he is in the car, wearing his Roadie from Ford South Africa! You can find out more about the Roadie on, its a harness specially designed for dogs for safe car travel. Its made quite a difference in the car. Riddick gets quite fidgety in the car even if he is benched to the door handle or the headrest (in the picture his red leash is looped around the headrest), and the Roadie gently forces him to stay seated and it prevents him from being thrown out of the car should we be involved in an accident. Since he started wearing the Roadie he is a lot less restless in the car and a lot less noisy.